Community Impact

In addition to promoting networking and leadership, the third objective for the Barton County Young Professionals group is to promote and facilitate volunteerism. Within our group, we organize quite a few service projects throughout the year, such as our Charity Supply Drive and Party with a Purpose among other things. But another way we promote volunteer opportunities is by allowing non-profit organizations to reach our members through social media posts and in-person announcements at other BCYP events. If you are a member of our group, we encourage you to attend events to announce opportunities in person, or make a post in our private Facebook Group.

If you are not a member of Barton County Young Professionals and would still like our help, we still may be able to help promote volunteerism in partnership with your organization.


Two Ways We Can Help:

Announcing Your Event / Project:

If you need volunteers to sign up for an event or project that is already planned, we can make our members aware of the opportunity through a post in our Facebook group and announcements at other BCYP events. We do not manage the sign up process, but we are happy to share a link to an online registration form if you have one. We have seen much higher success when our members can utilize technology to get involved.

Partnering with You to Make a Positive Impact:

If you are looking for a strategic partner to help create a positive impact in the community, we are always open to opportunities for meaningful service projects. BCYP would need to help with planning and implementation, leveraging our strengths and our members as equal partners with your organization. For these larger requests we need at least 6 months’ notice as our Community Impact Team usually plans the year’s activities in the fall of the previous year.